Newbury Dental is located in Newbury, Ontario, serving communities including WestLorne , Dutton, Bothwell, Ingersoll, Mt. Brydges, Strathroy, Thamesville, Wardsville, Ridgetown, Glencoe and surrounding areas.

Eliminating the fear out of Dentistry 


Laughing gas and Oral sedation


The agents (i.e. drugs) used in sedation have sedative, amnesic and euphoric properties. These are all good things as sedation has a calming effect which is most beneficial as many people present with anxiety prior to care. By providing an additional level of comfort vital signs such as hypertension (high blood pressure) are typically reduced. Lowering of blood pressure within norms is usually quite beneficial thereby reducing stress on the cardiovascular system. Monitoring of vital signs is continuous throughout any sedation visit. My office employs Blood Pressure monitors (NIBP), Pulse oximetry (SPO2), Pulsimetry, respiration monitor, temperature (when necessary) . Your safety and comfort are foremost considerations.


The Wand Freezing System

The Wand® STA is an injection free way of getting your teeth comfortably numb. It is a computer controlled anesthesia delivery system that provides immediate, pain free dental anesthesia for all injection types. Unlike conventional syringe delivered anesthesia, you will experience no numb cheek, lip or tongue, and the ergonomic handpiece is comfortable for your doctor and non-threatening to you. The Wand® features Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA), which painlessly and effortlessly delivers computer controlled amounts of anesthetic to the ligament space for profound anesthesia of a single tooth. As a result less amount of freezing is required to achieve numbness, which translates into shorter time of freezing hanging around, typically the freezing will wear off in 45 minutes, which not only ensures that you are back to normal quickly but also reduces any risk of accidental injury such as biting your cheek, lip, or tongue by mistake. Our goal is to provide you with a positive and comfortable dental experience. We hope you enjoyed this cutting edge technology and we will continue to strive to provide you with the best oral care your family and you deserve.