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Snoring is a sound produced while sleeping. The noises associated with snoring occur by vibrations of the nasopharyngeal soft tissues.  These include; Soft palate, Tongue, Pharyngeal walls, and surrounding tissues. 


Risk Factors of Snoring:


  • Obesity (60% of cases)

  •  Gender

  •  Age

  •  Anatomical factors

  •  Genetic factors

  •  Allergies

  •  Tabacco dependance

  •  Alcohol

  •  Some medications

  •  Endocrine Diseases (diabetes)

  •  Gastroesophageal Reflux

  •  Sleeping on the back



Reasons Leading to a Consult for Snoring:


  • Disruption of couple relationships

  • Disruption of family life

  • Anxiety about travelling in a group

  • Anxiety relating to health

  • Anxiety about inconvenience for collegues

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